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Unleashing mathematics in every student
Using right brain learning method

iMath Guru online video learning program will be a one-stop video learning program containing everything a student needs for learning Mathematics.

The titles in the series will be acclaimed for its educational distinction and flexibility and were designed according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.

These unique, self-teaching tutorial videos will provide an effective and easy way to understand mathematical principles and concepts. It is a fun and interactive way of learning and mastering Mathematics from Standard One all the way to Form Three.
iMath Guru was developed and conceptualised as an after-school program for all school levels. It is founded on the principles of making Mathematics easy and fun. Through iMath Guru, it is taught primarily as a body of experience, rather than as a body of information, thus sharpening students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to perform to the highest level in a competitive society.

At the core of iMath Guru is the principle of using the ‘Hear, See and Touch’ method, in which Mr. Mac personally have formulated as a new way of teaching that has revolutionised the learning and understanding of Mathematics. This method uses a very unique and rewarding system where visuals and animations are integrated to make Mathematics easy and fun. The main objective of this method is to foster lifelong learning with the world of Mathematics.

Thousands of students have been transformed thanks to this program, and indeed, many of these students have claimed Mathematics as their favourite subject after using iMath Guru. It has made Mathematics fun and exciting to learn. It has awakened the sleeping mathematics giant in students and successfully infuses “I love mathematics”.

With the countless testimonies and enthusiastic feedback from students, parents and teachers alike, it would not be far-fetched to say that iMath Guru could be The Next Big Thing in online learning for Mathematics.

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Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to iMath Guru

Self-Teaching Tutorial

Unique self-teaching tutorial videos

Effective and Fun

A most effective and fun way of learning and mastering mathematics

Body of Experience

A most effective and fun way of learning and mastering mathematicsBody of experience, rather than as a body of information

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Lifelong Learning

Main objective is to prepare students for lifelong learning in mathematics

1 to 1 Home Tutor

24/7, 365 days

State-of-Art Method

Hear, See and Touch

Integrated Visual Approaches

Visuals and approaches are integrated to make mathematics easy and fun

Awakening the Sleeping Mathematics Giant

Makes children believe mathematics is easy and fun to learn

Break the Old Mathematics Myth

"Mathematics is not for me" to "Mathematics is easy and fun".

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Ordering of iMath Guru video lessons is easy and quick

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iMath Guru

Unleashes the power of Mathematics in every student using a proven method called Hear, See and Touch.

iMathGuru is your one stop video learning centre for all your child’s mathematic needs. It is a state-of-the-art web-based online video tutoring program. Here Mr. Mac believes passionately in teaching the best knowing your child deserve the best. The titles in the series have been acclaimed for their educational excellence and flexibility. It is designed to meet the requirements of the board of education. These unique self teaching tutorial online videos will provide an effective and easy to understand concepts. It is a most fun way of learning and mastering your child’s mathematics. The method of teaching was founded on the principles of making mathematics easy and fun. It is taught primarily as a body of experience, rather than as a body of information where it prepare students with the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to function successfully in a very competitive society. Its main objective is to prepare students for lifelong learning mathematics. Mr. Mac Mahendran the founder of MathVictroy and your child’s personal teaching coach at iMathGuru with experiences in teaching for last twenty three years in the United States of America and four years in Malaysia, India and Singapore will guide in this video learning course work. He the undisputed master of mathematics online tutor shows in how to harness the power of mathematics in your child. He teaches with great passion and that makes mathematics so much fun and easy. His enthusiasm is contagious as he shows how to master the ultimate success in learning mathematics. He will unleash the power of mathematics in each and every child that goes through his program using his state-of-the-art method, Hear, See and Touch”.